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Josh munoz diving with humpback whales


I’d rather be barefoot than wear shoes.


I’d rather be surrounded by water than looking at it.


But it is through looking that I capture the beauty of this earth. The camera allows me to share with you the power and wonder of what lies below. As a freediver, diving without tanks and oxygen, there are limits on how far one can go, which in itself is the challenge and the reward. Staying where natural light shines through, I am privileged to swim with these magnificent animals. They allow me in the water with them, and it is thrilling.


Going underwater is an amazing feeling. Time stops and everything goes silent. You feel yourself underwater, you feel your heartbeat, feel your blood moving around your body as you use your muscles as effortlessly as you can. And then you get to sit in peace and quiet while you watch schools of fish, sharks, dolphins, or whales swim around.


Trained as a graphic designer, the camera is my tool to tell you the stories I weave with my life. I feel so excited and fortunate each time I enter the water and I want to be able to show you why. 


When not underwater, I am in the forests, the deserts, or on a mountain. The earth grounds me. It fuels me. It inspires me. I came to Hawai'i for a short-term job and I’ll admit to being blessed more than I ever thought I could be to stay and do what I love. This is my home, but I travel the world to dive, walk, and climb because there is so much beauty to be seen.

I recently finished my first expedition with Icebreaker and The Vortex Swim as a photographer and videographer. Our team and I spent 80 days at sea studying the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Researching the plastic debris and escorting Ben Lecomte as he swam over 350nm through the patch. 





Freedive instructor josh munoz

Camera Gear

Sony A7RII

Sony 16-35mm Vario-Tessar F4

Sea & Sea MDX-a7II



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