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How to pick an instructor or freediving organization

There are more and more freediving instructors popping up around the world as this sport continues to grow! Even multiple organizations that teach the curriculum - Molchanovs, FII, PFI, PADI, Apnea Total, AIDA, Apnea Academy, and more. Now, how do you pick one?

What I teach

I teach the Molchanov curriculum and I absolutely think it's the best. Not to say that other organizations are wrong or that you won't learn the important things. But I do believe that Molchanovs gives the best answer for “why” we teach the things we teach - science, form, techniques, and more. The online dashboard for the curriculum, videos, extra training, leaderboards, etc. is also a giant step above and beyond other groups.

The standard is also the highest in becoming an instructor or instructor trainer, they don't let just anyone pass. Lastly, Molchanovs sells some of the best freediving gear money can buy! Their float is the best I’ve ever used, the carbon fins feel like butter on my feet, sexy smooth skin wetsuits, amazing safety gear, training tools, and more. The gear can take a bit of time to ship to the US but it's absolutely worth the wait!

Making the choice

I don't think picking a freedive instructor should necessarily come down to how deep of a diver that person is. Sure, for the more advanced courses or if you want private training, a more experienced instructor absolutely matters. It really comes down to the instructor's skills at being a teacher! The deepest divers aren’t necessarily all going to be the best teachers for everyone. Passion for teaching and style of teaching are also significant factors to consider as well.

Something I tell all of my students is that they should take courses from other organizations and other instructors. Building a wealth of knowledge and coming to your own conclusion of which methods you think are best is important. I’ve taken a level 1 class from 4 different instructors, advanced courses from 3 teachers, and have tried 5 different organizations.

Instructors I would recommend

Kurt Chambers - Hawaii - Personal courses

Matthieu Duvault - Tulum - Molchanvos

Enchante Gallardo - Hawaii - FII

Mitch Brown - Hawaii - AIDA

Of course, I would love to have you as my student but if I am unavailable these are people I would recommend!

Yes, I think what I teach is the best, but you should also figure that out for yourself! The breathing styles in my curriculum are slightly different from other organizations for example. However, I will say I have had a very large success rate in repeat students wanting to take my level 2 or 3 courses or continue to train with me =)

Thanks, guys!

Read more about the courses I offer here.


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